Matt Taylor @rhyolight

👨🏼‍💻 Engineer by Trade

🧠 Scientist by Nature

🎨 Artist at Heart

My career path has been atypical. Driven by a strong work ethic, I’ve Gotten Things Done1 in a variety of scientific fields. A polyglot programmer2 of 20+ years, I worked for the US Air Force performing Test and Evaluation3 for the B-2 Bomber, including the programming of realistic physics simulations that modelled radar cross sections and enemy weapons capabilities4. I’ve translated FORTRAN into Java for Boeing. I’ve worked in drug discovery, genetic intellectual property review, and most recently in theoretical neuroscience research5. I thrive in scientific environments where hard questions are being asked and smart people are discussing the answers.

Diversity of experience contributes to the understanding of many topics. I enjoy playing new roles and trying new things. I was a Tech Lead at Yahoo!6 before I joined Numenta7, where I spearheaded their Open Source8 efforts as community manager9. I took a fledgling community and grew it10 into a valuable asset, inspiring a new generation of AGI researchers11 to understand how brains work. I’m a leader12 and an educator13, a philosopher14, a speaker15, and an experimenter16. I'm not afraid to deep dive into the science17 and engineer the shit out of something18. I will boldly experiment with the newest media platforms19. I’m always looking for the next big thing20.

The future is more rewarding if it is discovered, not stumbled upon.

Life is super complicated. I have learned to take complex ideas and simplify them. I can boil them down to their essence by stripping away layers of context until the bare kernel is exposed like gold in a pan. I understand how brains learn new things, and I use this knowledge to learn more efficiently myself21.

The greatest high in life is the act of creation. My skills are aligned to bring science and engineering together in acts of artistic creation. I’ve years of experience with graphics, visuals, 3D animations, interactive educational material, cellular automata, data streams, etc. I have decades of technical experience and a passion for discovery and creation. I’m looking for like-minded people to work with on new creative endeavors.


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